Allegra Eden Prairie Revamps Voice Communications

Tim Wiens, President of Allegra, a full-service marketing and print communications company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, had a problem. Allegra’s on-premise phone system was out of date and couldn’t keep up with the evolving voice communications needs of their dynamic business.

Tim knew that their customer success was powered by quality communications. Allegra needed a best-in-class phone solution that could work seamlessly with employees’ mobile devices and better support retail staff. They also needed a system that would stay current and adapt to the constantly changing demands of the business.

We were able to help Allegra by applying the Cady Proven Process, a structured methodology for choosing and deploying customized voice communications for businesses. The Cady Proven Process is designed specifically for companies like Allegra that need their outdated phone system to catch up with their changing business needs.


First, we documented Allegra’s legacy environment and provided them with a clear picture of the current state of their existing solution. Once the situation was well understood, we provided Allegra with recommendations for a Cloud solution that would meet their needs at the best price-performance point for their business.

“The presentation and site survey were very thorough and reassuring for our transition,” Tim observed.

Sometimes the best solution is to upgrade the on-premise phone system; in Allegra’s case, the optimal choice was to move to a Cloud solution.


Working closely with the Allegra team, Cady installed the new Cloud solution and coordinated the cut-over from the old solution with minimal disruption for the business. The key to success was thorough preparation and an intimate knowledge of Allegra’s situation. Tim was pleased with how smoothly the migration occurred.

“My IT guy and staff felt that the move was seamless,” he reported.


A foundational part of Allegra’s new solution was establishing a reliable support process with Cady. We knew from experience that solution success depends on live support and rapid response. Allegra now has a dedicated Cady support contact, with a wider team available as needed.

“Deb has been great with follow up and resolving issues,” Tim said.


What’s often overlooked is the importance of staying current with voice communications technology changes, and proactively planning for performance enhancements. We will be having regular reviews with Allegra over the coming months and years to keep their solution – and their options – up to date.

This guidance paid off right away for Allegra. While designing their telecom solution, Cady identified an opportunity to right-size their existing network service provider contract, and recommended changes. Allegra is saving hundreds of dollars a month based on this optimization alone.


With the new phone system in place, Allegra has improved their customers’ experience by making their employees more available and more connected. Allegra staff members can now take business calls on their personal cellular phones. These calls appear as if they are from the Allegra office, ensuring that return calls come through the system. In addition, the retail associates now have cordless handsets that free them to communicate with clients as they move about the store.

Seamless communication between employees and customers is a critical part of Allegra Eden Prairie’s success. We are happy to be Allegra’s partner in ensuring that voice communications remain a strength for their team and a differentiator for their business.


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