Moving Your Phone System to the Cloud - Part Three

How Do I Make the Change to the Cloud?

The benefits of moving your on-site phone system to the Cloud may be obvious for your business.  Now it’s time to make the move.

The prospect of transitioning your entire team to a new system can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The good news is this: The shift is simpler than you might think. Your office already has internet access, which is all that is needed for connecting to a cloud-based system. You also already have the most important part of the infrastructure: personal computers connected to the internet.

As with any technology change, you must take proper steps to ensure a smooth transition. Thankfully, the steps required for the switch to a cloud-based phone system are relatively simple. They include voice optimization, system configuration, and changes to communications and management processes. There’s also some cut-over: mapping existing phone numbers and making sure calls get routed to the right place in the system.

Is a Cloud-Based Phone System Right for You?

Keep in mind that a cloud-based system isn’t right for every office. Some businesses have an on-site phone system that is the right match for their operation, and the change to a cloud-based system really wouldn’t make sense.

The best thing you can do is find a trusted partner to determine whether a cloud-based system is right for your office. A qualified partner can help you assess your needs, plan the transition, oversee the migration, and apply best practices at every step.

If you are thoughtful and make the right preparations, it can be a simple and smooth cut-over for your business and your team. And you will immediately start to reap the benefits of the Cloud. Contact us today to get started!


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