The Definitive Guide to Contact Center Technology, Part 1

Modern customers want to communicate with businesses on their terms – they want contact options, and businesses need to accommodate them to stay competitive. At the same time, increasing call volume can overwhelm call centers, resulting in stressed agents, dissatisfied customers and inefficient business processes. A good solution for both scenarios is call center technology designed to quickly connect customers with support, reduce agent burden and improve overall business productivity – all while controlling operational costs.

Whether you want to upgrade an existing system or install a new call center, you should:

·        Identify your challenges and goals – what problems will a new call center solve?

·        Determine which features you need

·        Choose a provider that offers excellent support and fair pricing

This series walks you through the process so you can improve customer satisfaction and boost business productivity with call center technology.

Identify current challenges and call center goals

List your current challenges and goals to help determine which features you need. For example, your company might be struggling to keep up with call volume or with inefficiencies in call routing – challenges call center technology can solve. Or you might set a goal to free agents so they can focus on detailed customer support versus answering routine questions.

Enhance the customer experience

Customers want instant support and quick resolutions via their preferred medium: phone, email, chat and even video. As you evaluate call center technology, consider whether it facilitates instant support and allows you to track conversations through multiple channels.

Boost agent productivity

Agents want instant access to customer information so they can quickly deliver personalized support, rather than sift through past email chains or search for customer files. Agents also desire workflow assistance in the form of automated tools and prompts.

Look for call center technology that not only enhances the customer experience, but also helps your agents deliver support efficiently.

Improve business operations

It’s no secret that businesses want happy customers and productive agents. Call center technology not only streamlines communications, it can also increase profitability via cost control measures and improved efficiency.

Next steps

Your choice of call center technology will have a significant impact on your company. The next step is to read Part 2 of this guide to help determine which mix of features is best for your unique business.

It’s also a good idea to consult with seasoned experts who can leverage their experience to help you choose the best call center technology for your needs.


The Definitive Guide to Call Center Technology, Part 2